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Our expertise involves levels of litigation and represents local and multinational companies and high profile individuals in complex litigation issues including, but not limited to, corporate or contractual disputes, real estate, fraud, criminal litigation, inheritance and estate disputes and family law.

Labor & Employment

Our services include counsel and representation of numerous local and foreign clients on matters involving, outsourcing, illegal dismissal or suspension, disciplinary cases or proceedings, employment-related litigation, retrenchment, compressed work week programs, collective bargaining agreement negotiations, executive compensation and benefits, strikes and lockouts.

Corporate & Commercial

We assist in meeting your business goals, and help you navigate through legal and regulatory issues. We identify potential legal risks and propose risk mitigation or avoidance measures so you can seize business opportunities while minimizing threats.

Our services range from company formation, registration with government agencies (such as the Philippine Economic Zone Authority) and obtaining secondary permits, or simply untangling bureaucratic obstacles. We advise and assist on acquisitions or divestments; conduct due diligence; structure long-term contracts relating to land lease, shareholder agreements, supplier agreements and distribution agreements; and similar commercial contracts.


We assist your expatriate personnel obtain the appropriate working visa or permit, whether on short-term or longer-term assignment, and plan their end-of-term departure timetable.


We assist in registering and maintaining, licensing or assigning your trademarks, as well as enforce your trademark rights.

Acquisitions & Divestments